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MAX310x Driver

Supported devices

Evaluation boards


The MAX310x devices are advanced UART with 128 words each of receive and transmit FIFO that can be controlled through I²C or high-speed SPI™. Baud rates up to 24Mbps make them suitable for today’s high data rate applications.

A PLL, predivider, and fractional baud-rate generator allow high-resolution baud-rate programming and minimize the dependency of baud rate on reference clock frequency.

The MAX3109 is a dual-channel device, while the MAX14830 is quad-channel.

Source Code


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Driver testing

The driver exposes character devices starting with the ttyMAX name.

To connect to these devices, use a Serial Terminal Emulaor (like GTKTerm, Picocom, Minicom, Tera Term).

For example, to use Picocom to connect to UART port 0 of a MAX14830 device using a 9600 baud-rate, use the following command.

This specifies any shell prompt running on the target

picocom -b 9600 /dev/ttyMAX0

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