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Analog Devices FreeRTOS

The Analog Devices FreeRTOS product is a modified version of the FreeRTOS Kernel, providing support for the Analog Devices Blackfin BF70x and SHARC+ DSP families.

The Analog Devices FreeRTOS product contains ports of FreeRTOS specific to Analog Devices DSP processors and FreeRTOS example applications for Analog Devices DSP processors. It is intended to be installed on top of version 10.0.x of the FreeRTOS operating system.

Initial setup documentation and User Guides have been created to help users get started with using FreeRTOS with CrossCore Embedded Studio.

Analog Devices FreeRTOS Add-In

The FreeRTOS Add-In has been developed by Analog Devices using CrossCore Embedded Studio to make it easier to add FreeRTOS into CrossCore projects, configure and debug FreeRTOS.

The FreeRTOS Add-In, once added to your project, will clone the required FreeRTOS source files from a repository hosted by Analog Devices into your project, this will be dependent on the architecture of the processor, and do all of the necessary steps to allow the project to build correctly out of the box, this includes

  • setting up the proper include paths
  • definition of required pre-processor macros
  • downloading related FreeRTOS source files
  • generation of editable and non editable FreeRTOS Add-In files
  • creation of a new UI element added to the system.svc, which is used to configure the FreeRTOS

Installation details and documentation have been created for the FreeRTOS Add-In to help users get started.

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