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Managing Plug-ins

The ACE application uses component plug-ins to give you the ability to analyse, configure and evaluate components.  The ACE installation program installs a number of plug-ins.  You can remove plug-ins if you wish, and you can install additional plug-ins directly from ACE.

Removing ACE Plug-ins

You can remove plug-ins from ACE using the plug-in manager.  Click Tools / Manage Plug-ins.  When viewing Installed Packages you can select the package(s) you want to uninstall and click the Uninstall Selected button.  Notice you can select multiple packages to uninstall using shift-click and ctrl-click.

Installing New Plug-ins

You can also install new plug-ins using the plug-in manager.  When viewing Available Packages you can select the package(s) you want to install into ACE and click Install Selected.

Updating Plug-ins

You can install updates to your existing plug-ins using the plug-in manager.  View Available Updates to see which of your installed plug-ins have update packages available.  Select the packages you want to update and click Update Selected, or simply click Update All to update all of them at once.

Customizing Plug-in Management

To customize ACE’s plug-in management click the “Settings…” button, or open Tools / Settings in the main ACE application.

You can add additional sources for plug-in packages that will allow you to share plug-ins with others.  The sources can be local or network folders, or they can be acezip files that contain plug-in packages.  In either case, simply click the appropriate      add button tell ACE the name and source you want to add.

You can also choose whether let ACE check for updates automatically, or if you’d rather open the plug-in manager and check for updates manually.


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