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APPENDIX D: Building ADSP-2156x Project

To build the ADSP-2156x project from the SS Plus installer path: “C:\Analog Devices\SigmaStudioPlus-Rel1.2.0\Target\Examples\Demo\ADSP-2156x\ADSP-21569\SS_App_Core1”, following steps need to be followed.

  • Import the project into CCES
  • Open “Properties” by right clicking on the project and navigate to “C/C++ Build → Settings”
  • Remove the macro “ADSP_21569_SOM” from the CrossCore Sharc C/C++ Compiler/Preprocessor Menu as shown in Figure 82.

Figure 82: Removal of Macro

  • To provide BCLK and Frame Sync to A2B transceiver, navigate to “system.svc” in the project and open “Signal Routing Unit”.
  • Under “DAI0 Pin Buffer” following changes need to be made.
    • DAI0_PB03_I which is routed to PCG0_CRS_CLKC_O by default should be routed removed and PCG0_CLKA_O should be added. Final configuration is shown in Figure 83.

Figure 83: DAI0_PB03_I Configuration

  • DAI0_PB04_I which is routed to PCG0_CRS_FSC_O by default should be routed removed and PCG0_FSA_O should be added. Final configuration is shown in

Figure 84: DAI0_PB04_I Configuration

  • In the file “C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.10.0\SHARC\include\drivers\sport\ adi_sport_2156x.h”, the value of ADI_SPORT_BLOCKING_MODE must be set to “1u” as shown in Figure 85.

Figure 85: SPORT Blocking Mode Macro Value Update

  • Once these changes are made, build the project and copy the generated .dxe file to «A2B plugin for SigmaStudio+ installation path»\Target\Utility\LDR folder.
  • Use “LDR_gen.bat” script available in «A2B plugin for SigmaStudio+ installation path»\Target\Utility folder to generate the LDR and “Flash_LDR.bat” to flash the updated LDR to ADSP-2156x eval board.
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