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The axi_pwm_gen core is used to generate a maximum of four configurable signals (Pulse-Width Modulations). The pulses are generated according to the state of a counter; there is one counter for each pulse.


  • Up to four configurable signals(period, width, offset)
  • External synchronization
  • External clock

The offset feature will synchronize counters 0, 1, 2 and 3 to an offset counter.

The axi_pwm_gen core can be synchronized by an external signal. The offset counter will wait for a HIGH → LOW transition of the synchronization pulse.

If another synchronization is needed, the external_sync signal should be set HIGH and the load_config should be toggled (by register write). This will cause the counters to wait for another external_sync HIGH → LOW transition. To disable a PWM, write 0 to its period register.

Block Diagram

Configuration Parameters

Name Description Default Value
ID Core ID should be unique for each IP in the system 0
ASYNC_CLK_EN Use external clock, asynchronous to s_axi_aclk 1
N_PWMS Number of pulses/pwms 1
PWM_EXT_SYNC PWM offset counter uses external sync 0
EXT_ASYNC_SYNC The external sync for pulse 0 is asynchronous 0
PULSE_0_WIDTH Pulse 0 width (number of clk cycles) 7
PULSE_1_WIDTH Pulse 1 width (number of clk cycles) 7
PULSE_2_WIDTH Pulse 2 width (number of clk cycles) 7
PULSE_3_WIDTH Pulse 3 width (number of clk cycles) 7
PULSE_0_PERIOD Pulse 0 period (number of clk cycles) 10
PULSE_1_PERIOD Pulse 1 period (number of clk cycles) 10
PULSE_2_PERIOD Pulse 2 period (number of clk cycles) 10
PULSE_3_PERIOD Pulse 3 period (number of clk cycles) 10
PULSE_0_OFFSET Pulse 1 offset (number of clk cycles) 0
PULSE_1_OFFSET Pulse 1 offset (number of clk cycles) 0
PULSE_2_OFFSET Pulse 2 offset (number of clk cycles) 0
PULSE_3_OFFSET Pulse 3 offset (number of clk cycles) 0

Signal and Interface Pins

Interface Pin Type Description
External clock Clock signal
ext_clk input Input clock
External sync external sync signal
external_sync, input Synchronize pulses to an external signal
PWM pwm signals
pwm_0 output [1] Output pwm 0
pwm_1 output [1] Output pwm 1
pwm_2 output [1] Output pwm 2
pwm_3 output [1] Output pwm 3
s_axi AXI Memory Map interface


The axi_pwm_gen offers the possibility of four output signals (pwms). Pulse 0, 1, 2 and 3 can have offsets in reference to the pwm counter.

The pulse generator is based on incrementing counters. In a pulse period, the first interval of the signal, until the level transition, the signal level is HIGH (pulse_width) and the second interval is LOW (pulse_period-pulse_width).

By default, all counters start at the same time. When a different phase (delay) is needed between the pulses, the offset value is calculated in number of clock cycles:

The below timing diagram, shows the external_sync functionality:

The timing diagram below, shows the load_config functionality:
All four pulses are active and all four pulses have the same period.

Register Map

PWM Generator (axi_pwm_gen)

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