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Analog Devices offers Rapid 6LoWPAN Protocol—a long range sub-GHz wireless networking solution that leverages the market proven ADF7023 radio transceiver and lowest power ULP processors (ADuCM3029 or ADuCM4050). Rapid 6LoWPAN Protocol uses star-repeater network topology, targeting commercial and industrial applications such as electronic shelf label (ESL), smart lock and structural health monitoring (SHM).

Features and Specification

  • Efficient low power network
    • Low power IEEE802.15.4g/e wireless network with time synchronized channel hopping (TSCH)—no collisions and no lengthy receive waits
    • Lowest power consumption per node with star and extended star network topology configuration.
    • Reliable end-to-end communications with acknowledgements
  • Long range
    • Typical range of 500 m (2 hop and confguration setting dependent)
  • Data rate and frequency
    • High throughput (4 pks/sec at 1 kB per packet)
    • Fast network join time (for example, 256 motes in 47 sec)
    • Low latency—minimum of 5 sec network loop cycle
    • ISM frequency band support (433,868,915,920 MHz)
    • Multiple data rate support (37.5 kbps to 300 kbps)
    • On-demand bandwidth allocation (for example, up to 1 MB per node/1 hr)
  • Supported modes:
    • Master mode (on-chip applications)
    • Slave mode (application coprocessor)
  • Current consumption:
    • Active: <10 µA ave. (3 updates of 1 kB packets/day case)
    • Sleep: <1.5 µA
  • FCC and ARIB STD T108 regulation test feature support integrated
  • Supports OTA (over-the-air) update
  • Reliable scheduling of alert messages from any or all motes
  • Gateway software available for Linux® or ADuCM4050 with various backhaul connectivity options

Evaluation Kit

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