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 {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​mykonos:​software:​tx_error_samplerate.jpg?​300|}} {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​mykonos:​software:​tx_error_samplerate.jpg?​300|}}
 +When you click on the "​Output Profile to Files" button, wizard generates four files as described below
 +  - <​file_name>​.txt -  Used for configuring AD9371 in GUI and script generation
 +  - <​file_name>​_AD9528.txt – Used for configuring AD9528 using TES GUI only, it will be generated if box is checked against "Write AD9528 settings to File" option. ​
 +  - <​file_name>​_orxadc.txt – Used by GUI for plotting ORX ADC STF response only
 +  - <​file_name>​_rxadc.txt - Used by GUI for plotting RX ADC STF response only
 ====== AD9371 Filter Wizard Rules ====== ====== AD9371 Filter Wizard Rules ======
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