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Jupiter SDR - known issues

Since this evaluation platform is not yet released we have a list of known issues and features which are not supported on the early evaluation samples.

Known issues

  1. TX RF matching is not optimal - it will be improved on the released product
  2. IIO buffer size limited to 131072 samples when used with USB interface

Features not supported

  1. Profile generator is not yet integrated with IIO Oscilloscope; Generate a custom device profile using TES
  2. QSPI boot - no boot image flashed on the memory
  3. Multi chip synchronization (MCS) - Synchronizing multiple Jupiter SDR devices is not supported.
  4. Fan control - we don't have implemented the automatic fan control
  5. Current libiio implementation allows data streaming throughput of about 45 MB/s on both USB and Ethernet. The throughput will be improved once future libiio improvements will be implemented.
  6. HDL does not support ADRV9002 CMOS interface
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