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WiFi Example Project

This WiFi Example project provides software support to enable WiFi functionality using ESP8266 WiFi module along with EV-Cog-AD3029LZ over UART Interface.

The ESP8266 WiFi module is plugged into the P9 port of the EV-COG-BLEINTP1Z board ( Refer Hardware Details section 2,EV-COG-BLEINTP1Z Connectivity Cog - WiFi Module connector section ev-cog-bleintp1z ).EV-Cog-AD3029LZ communicates to ESP8266 WiFi module through AT commands over UART interface.

WiFi Software Pack for CCES

The following document details what is in the WiFi Software Pack as well as how to install this pack in CCES and work with it. Additionally, it covers how to build and run the example Wi-Fi application project that accompany with this package


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