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ADI FMC Motor Drive System Introduction

The ADI FMC motor drive solution solution consist of the following products

  • AD-FMCMOTCON1-EBZ - Controller board. Compatible with all Xilinx FPGA platforms with FMC LPC or HPC connectors.
  • AD-DRVLV1-EBZ - Low voltage drive board. Connects to the Controller board and has a power stage that can drive drive Brushed DC / BLDC / PMSM / Stepper motors up to 48V and 18A.
  • AD-DYNO1-EBZ - Dynamometer drive system. Acts as an electronically adjustable load with two BLDC motors connected in a dyno setup.


  • Provide an efficient drive system for different types of electric motors
  • Address power and isolation challenges encountered in motor control applications
  • Provide accurate measurement of motor feedback signals
  • Achieve flexible control with FPGA/SoC interface
  • High speed industrial Ethernet interface

Added Value

  • Complete control solution showing how to integrate hardware for
    • Power
    • Isolation
    • Measurement
    • Control
  • Increased control flexibility due to FPGA interfacing capabilities
  • Increased versatility to be able to control different types of motors
  • Example reference designs showing how to use the control solution with Xilinx FPGAs and Simulink from Mathworks

Where to Buy

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