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Using MATLAB with ADS7 Series Pattern Generators

This page provides information on using MATLAB with the ADS7 series of pattern generators for high speed DAC evaluation.

For information on using MATLAB with DPG3, see Using MATLAB With the DPG.

Code Samples

General Requirements

This table contains a list of downloadable MATLAB sample scripts for various high speed DAC evaluation boards. The script source code is wrapped up in a zip file. Once downloaded, the zip file should be extracted to a folder of your choice.

Eval Board Download Last Update DPG Device SW Requirements
AD9162 Single Tone Gen for AD9162 (Read Me) 6/6/2018 ADS7-V1/-V2 DPGDownloader, ACE
AD9172 Single Tone Gen for AD9172 (Read Me) 6/13/2018 ADS8-V1 DPGDownloader, ACE
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