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IMS 2019: A Framework For Development and Deployment of RF Systems with SoCs Workshop

For those attending the SoC framework workshop hosted by ADI, in order to make your experience better (less installing software while others are using the hardware) please have the following software installed on your machine:

  1. Windows
    1. The libiio Library : Windows-setup.exe
  2. Linux
    1. The libiio Library : Pick your Linux distribution from the list here.
    2. libad9361-iio library : You will need the library.
      • Instructions for building it are here.
    3. IIO-Scope: Linux users will need to build from source. Build instructions are here. You can skip the build of libiio and libad9361-iio steps, since you already did that.
  3. MAC
    1. The libiio Library : Select the PKG closest to your version of macOS. High Sierra 10.13.6 or Sierra 10.12.6
    2. The libad9361 Library : macOS Version
    3. IIO-Scope: use brew.
      brew install tfcollins/homebrew-formulae/i-i-o-oscilloscope


If you would like to come by the earlier before the session, and check out things with your hardware, it would be appreciated.

If you run into any questions while downloading, or building, please ask on the Pluto Support Forum at ADI's Engineerzone, where all workshop developers answer questions .


Lab files and lab documents:

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