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GRCon 2021 Workshops

ADI always is happy to support the GNU Radio community with not only Sponsorship, presentations and the PlutoSDR Workshop.


libIIO and the new mainline module gr-iio


gr-genalyzer, a new OOT module to characterize data converter performance


A new Linux kernel subsystem for JESD204 RF Transceiver Systems


Implementing OFDM Radar & DOA on DirectRF Platforms using IIO and GNURadio


pyadi-jif: JESD204 tools for mere mortals



For those attending the PlutoSDR workshop at GRCon 2021, hosted by ADI, thanks. In order to make your experience better (less installing software while others are using the hardware) please have the following software installed on your machine:

  1. libIIO library:
  2. libad9361-iio library
  3. IIO-Scope:
  4. GNU Radio with IIO support:
    • Installation instructions for Linux users are here: GNU Radio
    • For macOS GNU Radio and gr-iio can be installed from macports

If you run into any questions while downloading, or building, please ask on the Pluto Support Forum at ADI's Engineerzone, where all workshop developers answer questions .

Slides and Labs

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