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Monitoring the Analog Devices Wiki

Video Tutorial

View the quick video tutorial to learn how to monitor the Wiki for changes.


Monitoring the Wiki by Email

Visit the page on the Wiki you want to monitor and click “Manage Subscriptions” in the header.

On the subscription management page, you can subscribe to the current page or all pages in that section of the Wiki. You can choose to receive an email notification every time a page is changed or a digest of all changes once a day.

Click “Subscribe” to save your changes. You can return to this page at any time to make changes to your subscription.

Monitoring the Wiki by RSS

To monitor Wiki changes to a wiki section via an RSS feed, just go to a page within the section that you want to monitor and click the “RSS” link in its header.

This feed will show you a listing of all pages in that section that have been edited. You can subscribe to the feed using your favorite RSS reader.

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