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Creating a New Page on the Analog Devices Wiki

Video Tutorial

View this quick video tutorial to learn how to create new pages on the Analog Devices Wiki.


Wiki Structure

When creating a new page on the Wiki, it’s important to follow the established Wiki structure. This will make your content easier to find and ensure that the location breadcrumbs at the top of the page display the correct links.

For example, if you're creating content related to an evaluation board or kit, create it in the namespace: so your new page (called newpage in this example) would live at

Each section of a Wiki URL represents a link to a page that appears in the location breadcrumb at the top of the page. For example, the page has the location breadcrumb:

ADI Wiki > Resources & Tools > Evaluation Boards & Kits > System Demonstration Platform

Each item in the breadcrumb links to a specific page:

Creating a Page

Go to an existing page on the Wiki that is in the same section that you want your new content to live. Then use the address bar in your web browser to edit the URL of the location to add a new page.

For example, if you're creating a new software page for “Other Software”, go to the main software index page ( and edit the URL so it has the location of the new page you want to create (

When creating a new page, separate multiple words in the page name with dashes (e.g. other-software)

Hit enter to go to the new page you created and you will get a “Page Not Found” error with a broken link in the breadcrumb for your new page. You will also have a “Create this Page” link in the top right. Click on this link to begin creating your page

The editor will then be displayed where you can add the content for your new page. Choose the Level 1 headline to add the initial heading to your page. This heading will also appear as the location breadcrumb when you save the page.

Add the remaining content using the Wiki syntax for formatting. Preview and click Save to publish.

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