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Reviewing and Approving Wiki Edits

Video Tutorial

View the quick video tutorial to learn how to review and approve edits that are made to the Wiki by registered members.


Reviewing Edits

Navigate to the page on the Wiki that requires approval and click the History link at the top right to see the version history of the page.

The approved version of the page will be shaded in green, and draft versions will be red. Select the versions you want to compare and then click the green button labeled “Show differences between selected revisions”.

You can view the differences inline or side by side.

Approving Edits

Select the version you want to approve by clicking on its name. Then click “Edit this Page” on the top right of the page. Make any additional edits you have, if any, and then click the “Preview” button to see how the edited Wiki page will be displayed.

Once you are ready to approve the content, place a checkmark next to “Approve” and click “Save”.

The edits that were made will now be incorporated and the version on the Wiki will change from “Draft” to “Approved”.

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