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-======Activity:​ Reading Push Button Switches======+======Activity:​ Reading Push Button Switches, For ADALM1000======
 =====Objective:​===== =====Objective:​=====
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 **For Further Reading:** **For Further Reading:**
 +[[https://​​review/​article.html?​di=653075|Novel Switch Interface Scheme Reduces Microprocessor Pin Count]]
 **Return to [[university:​labs:​intro_ee|Introduction to Electrical Engineering]] Lab Activity Table of Contents**\\ **Return to [[university:​labs:​intro_ee|Introduction to Electrical Engineering]] Lab Activity Table of Contents**\\
 **Return to Python Tutorial [[university:​tools:​python-tutorial:​table-of-contents|Table of Contents]]** **Return to Python Tutorial [[university:​tools:​python-tutorial:​table-of-contents|Table of Contents]]**
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