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ADALM-PLUTO Marketing Collateral

Just click on any picture to see the full size image.

Description Format Rev B Rev D
Selfie of ADALM-PLUTO, cable and antenna JPG adalm-pluto-photo.jpg adalm-pluto-photo.jpg
Selfie of ADALM-PLUTO, cable and antenna PNG
Animation of all layers of Rev B GIF
Layer 1 (SIG) png
Layer 2 (GND) png
Layer 3 (PWR) png
Layer 4 (GND) png
Layer 5 (SIG) png
Layer 6 (SIG) png
Layer 7 (GND) png
Layer 8 (PWR) png
Layer 9 (GND) png
Layer 10 (SIG) png


because I need to look this up every time (since we do it so infrequent):

$ for i in $(ls layer*.png) ; do echo $i ; convert $i -crop 2575x1600+128+252 +repage -transparent white  plutosdr_${i} ; done
$ convert -delay 150 -loop 0 plutosdr_layer*.png animatedGIF.gif
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