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PlutoSDR/M2k boot magic explained

Custom u-boot environment variables

There are a set of custom u-boot environmental variables used during boot, which either are set dynamically by custom u-boot commands, or are imported from an additional protected u-boot environment or are part of the regular SPI u-boot environment but are used to control the runtime behavior.

Hardware Revision Handling

The PlutoSDR or M2k firmware (FIT image) supports multiple HW revisions. It’s being done reading a voltage divider which is unique for a given HW revision using the on chip XADC. This voltage is then mapped into 10 possible values which are then set in the fit_config environmental variable. Values are in the form of config@%d where %d is in the range from 0..9. This variable is then being used to load the corresponding FIT config which is right now only a dedicated device tree, however when necessary can be extended to also load a different bitfile.

The adi_hwref command will set fit_config and for Pluto Rev.A it will additionally set the PlutoRevA variable.

variable comment
fit_config config@ number
PlutoRevA set only for Rev.A

Device tree patching

During factory calibration the onboard TCXO reference frequency is measured and the actual reference clock frequency is stored in an additional protected SPI environment which is imported during boot. Later on this value is used to patch the device tree property clock-frequency in the /clocks/clock@0 path. This step can be skipped by the user when setting the ad936x_skip_ext_refclk variable. This allows for custom reference clock frequency set in the regular device tree.

variable device tree destination Comment
ad936x_ext_refclk /clocks/clock@0 clock-frequency Skip this by setting the ad936x_skip_ext_refclk variable
model /model Model string
attr_name /amba/spi@e0006000/ad9361-phy@0 ${attr_name} ${attr_val}
attr_val /amba/spi@e0006000/ad9361-phy@0 ${attr_name} ${attr_val}

Set during DFU update

The DFU altsetting of the DFU interface is stored in the dfu_alt_num variable and the transfers size is stored in the filesize variable.

variable comment
dfu_alt_num altsetting of the DFU interface in progress
filesize filesize of the transferred firmware image


variable comment
uboot-version u-boot version string set by the envversion command


What this means is to change any of these, log into your pluto sdr (over network or serial), and do this as root:

  • If you want to replace the 40 MHz oscillator, and insert a 20 MHz (20000000 Hz) clock:
    # fw_setenv ad936x_ext_refclk “<20000000>“
    The quotes need to be there to escape the <>, which need to be there since this goes into device tree.
  • If you have a AD9364 inside your PlutoSDR
    # fw_setenv attr_name compatible
    # fw_setenv attr_val ad9364
  • If you have a standard Zynq 7010 (not the special single core version)
    # fw_setenv maxcpus
  • If you want to tweak your default XO correction rather than 40 MHz, you have determined at a stable temp it is 39,999,764 Hz:
    # fw_setenv xo_correction 39999764

All Environmental Settings Table

This table applies for firmware releases v0.32 onward.

Control Default min FW
HW Rev name value configuration meaning

Tuning Range Y All B/C attr_name
tuning range is 325 - 3800 MHz
mode is 1r1t or 2r2t

All B/C attr_name
tuning range is 70 - 6000 MHz
mode is 1r1t only

0.32 C attr_name
tuning range is 70 - 6000 MHz
mode is 1r1t or 2r2t

Number of channels Y 0.32 B/C mode 1r1t 1 Rx, 1 Tx, 61.44 MSPS max data rate

0.32 C mode 2r2t 2 Rx, 2 Tx, 30.72 MSPS max data rate
(requires ad9363 or AD9361 settings)

Reference Clock in Y 0.32 B/C refclk_source internal Internal Reference Clock
ad936x_ext_refclk_override holds frequency in Hz

0.32 C refclk_source external Reference Clock on u.FL is used
ad936x_ext_refclk_override holds frequency in Hz

Reference Clock Value Y 0.32 B/C ad936x_ext_refclk <40000000> 40 MHz, is the measured value determined at production test and should not be modified

0.32 C ad936x_ext_refclk_override <any> Actual clock setting in Hz
10 - 80 MHz, resolution is in Hz

SPI Controls Y 0.32 C cs_gpio <any> GPIO chip select for use with axi spi
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