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MAX14906 Instrument - Scopy SWIOT1L plugin


The MAX14906 instrument is only available in the runtime mode of AD-SWIOT1L-SL, alongside AD74413R and Faults instruments. It represents the main interface for the MAX14906 chip and it dynamically shows all the channels configured for this specific device.

Instrument layout

1. Run button

  • The run button will start a polling task at a set time (1 second) for all channels configured as MAX14906
  • The plot will be cleared in all channels every time the run button is pressed

2. Settings page

  • In the settings page the timespan can be changed, this will change it for all channels.

3. Channels

  • Each channel will appear in this area. The layout might change depending on how many channels are configured as MAX14906.
  • Channels can be detached and reattached by pressing the arrow in the top-right corner of each channel.

4. Config button

  • When pressing the config button, Scopy will switch the SWIOT1L mode to config. The device will temporarily close while the switch is being made. After that it will automatically reconnect to the SWIOT1L board, in config mode, so that the device can be configured again.

Channel Layout

The channel layout can be detached and reattached to Scopy by clicking the arrow on the upper right side.

1. Name and placeholder

  • Channel name, as displayed in the IIO Context.
  • Input for custom channel name, it has no functional use, except for differentiating the channels based on the purpose given by the user.

2. Channel Type

  • INPUT/OUTPUT based on the channel configuration.

3. Plot

  • Displays the polled channel values. The plot history size is given by the Timespan control.

4. Output Mode

  • Shows the function configured on the respective channel, the available functions change based on whether the channel is configured as INPUT or OUTPUT.
  • The functions can be changed without switching to config mode.

4. Read Value

  • Represents the read value on the specific channel.

5. Current Limit

  • Only available for the channels configured as OUTPUT.

7. Set Value

  • Only available for the channels configured as OUTPUT.
  • Shows the value that will be written to the channel (the value is written on the hardware only once, when the switch is toggled).

Settings tab

Timespan for polling

  • This control changes the plot timespan for all the enabled channels.

Config Button

Pressing the config button sets the device mode to configuration. After that, the device will disconnect briefly, reconnect and the Config Instrument will be automatically opened.

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