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Configuration Instrument - Scopy SWIOT1L plugin


The Config Instrument is only available when the AD-SWIOT1L-SL system is in configuration mode. This mode allows the user to define, for each of the 4 physical channels, the device that will control the channel and the function defined for that device. The channel can also be disabled, in which case it will not be configured.

1. Channel index

2. Channel state (enabled/disabled)

3. Chip configured on that channel

4. Function selected (chip specific)

5. Channel to chip mapping

  • The AD-SWIOT1L-SL board image contains a mapping of the AD74413R and MAX14906 chips that highlights the connection between each chip and the corresponding configured channel pin.

6. Mode switch

  • After configuring the system pressing the Apply button will switch the SWIOT1L to runtime mode. The device will briefly disconnect while the IIO Context is reconfigured and it will automatically reconnect to the AD-SWIOT1L-SL board.
  • Upon successful connection a different set of instruments will be available to operate and control the system.
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