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ADALM2000 Support

If you have any questions regarding the ADALM2000 (M2k) or are experiencing any problems following the user guides, or experiments feel free to ask us a question. Questions can be asked on our EngineerZone support community, specifically the Virtual Classroom. Calling on the phone, emailing someone directly, will only cause things to get answered in much slower manner - if at all.

Before asking questions please also take the time to check if somebody else already asked the same question and already got an answer. EngineerZone is a big place, with lots of places to post questions, and it's possible to ask a question in the wrong place, where no one familiar with these boards/parts/software monitors things, and it will go unanswered forever. Don't get mad if this happens. The problem is between the chair and the keyboard (you). If you are posting in the right place, and the question is unanswered for a few working days, please bump the thread (we are human, and sometimes miss things).

End user/Student questions should always be posted in the Virtual Classroom. If you are not sure where to post your question, post it there, and we can move it around for you.

Linux Driver or libiio or Application Questions

For questions regarding the the ADI Linux distribution used in the M2k (which is based buildroot with libiio library, the Linux drivers (including the AD936x driver, or the device trees for M2k , please use the Linux Software Drivers sub-community.

If you have generic userspace questions (how do I use a standard linux tool), we should suggest to use your favorite search tool to find that tool/utility/application support method (some use email, some use web). If you think you have found a bug specific to ARM, please report this to the package maintainers upstream.

HDL / Vivado WebPack Questions

For questions regarding the M2k HDL design please ask them in the FPGA Reference Designs sub-community. If you have questions about the Vivado HL WebPACK Edition, including any questions about compiling the design with please go ask Xilinx.

Hardware Questions

For questions regarding the M2k hardware (schematic or layout) please ask them in the Virtual Classroom. sub-community. That is where the folks who designed and laid out the PCB hang out.

Bugs / Feature Requests

If you think you have a bug to report, the best place to to this is the Virtual Classroom. This way we can discuss if the bug is a bug, or a feature request, or just missing documentation.

If you think you have a real bug, where you have developed a real fix (first - thanks), feel free to:

  1. post something on engineerzone
  2. post something on the github issue tracker
  3. Fork the github repository, and fix it, and then send a pull request

Either is OK with us.

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