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ADALM2000 Cable Assembly

The AD-M2KCLB-EBZ is a cable assembly, compatible with the ADALM2000 and is the replacement of the multi-colored cable/wires (2×10, 2×5) of the ADALM2000.

Figure 1. AD-M2KCBL-EBZ top view


  • ADALM2000 compatible
  • keyed connectors
  • color coded


The keyed connectors match the ADALM2000 case and can be easily matched with it.

Figure 2. AD-M2KCBL-EBZ connector closeup

Each wire is colored differently for easier identification of the corresponding pin. The 10 pin socket and 10 wires is connected to the analog section of M2K. First 2 pairs of cables form two general-purpose differential analog input channels used by the analog signal acquisition tools (such as oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer, network analyzer and voltmeter). Third pair of cables are corresponding to ground. Next pair corresponds to the user supplies. The red wire corresponds to the positive supply while the white one corresponds to the negative supply.The last pair of wires in this cable are two general-purpose Single-ended analog outputs. The 20 pins socket with 20 wires is connected to the digital section of the M2k. First pair of pins consists of 2 ground pins. Second pair are two digital triggers. With grey is the trigger in and grey with a white stripe is the trigger out. (These are used in tools Oscilloscope and Logic analyzer tools.) Rest of the pins are X 16 digital input or output pins.

Figure 3. ADALM2000 pinout-color correspondence.

Package contents

The kit has two subcomponents:

  • flywires connected to a 2*5P keyed female pin connector
  • flywires connected to a 2*10P keyed female pin connector
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