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ADALM2000 BNC Adapter Board

The AD-M2KBNC-EBZ is an ADALM2000 add-on board which allows the user to connect oscilloscope probes and other test leads to the analog inputs of M2K.


  • AC or DC coupling on all channels
  • Possibility to reconfigure the analog inputs as differential input channels
  • Access to all other ADALM2000 output pins


The AD-M2KBNC-EBZ has 2 single ended input channels and 2 single ended output channels. All these channels are terminated in a right-angle BNC connector which provides quick connection and a locking mechanism. The single ended input channels can be reconfigured as differential input channels by modifying a solder jumper on the bottom of the board. In this way, all 4 BNC connectors will be used for the analog input section and the output of the M2K is still available on the 30 pin header of the board.


  • Electronic test and measurement equipment
  • General-purpose signal processing applications
  • Automated test equipment
  • Educational applications

Package contents

  • 2 x Oscilloscope Probes
  • 2 x BNC to grabber cables
  • 10 x mini grabber test clips

Getting started

The BNC adapter board is simply plugged into the ADALM2000 and can be used straight away. It does not need any supply or additional circuitry.

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