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     * [[mw>​hardware-support/​analog-devices-adalm1000.html|MathWorks Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for the ADALM1000]]     * [[mw>​hardware-support/​analog-devices-adalm1000.html|MathWorks Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for the ADALM1000]]
     * [[university:​tools:​m1k:​alice:​desk-top-users-guide|ALICE 1.3 DeskTop Software]] (Developed using Python)     * [[university:​tools:​m1k:​alice:​desk-top-users-guide|ALICE 1.3 DeskTop Software]] (Developed using Python)
-      * [[./​m1k/​alice/​install|ALICE 1.0 Tools]] (Run from Python Source)+      * [[./​m1k/​alice/​install|ALICE 1.0 Tools]] (NOT recommended for use, run from Python Source ​for instructional purposes only!)
   * Courseware   * Courseware
     * [[university/​courses/​engineering_discovery|Mouser'​s Engineering Discovery Summer camp]]     * [[university/​courses/​engineering_discovery|Mouser'​s Engineering Discovery Summer camp]]
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