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Help and Support

If you have any questions regarding the ADALM1000 or are experiencing any problems while using the board or following the user guides, labs, or software feel free to ask us a question. Questions can be asked on our EngineerZone Virtual Classroom support community.

When asking a question please take the time to give a detailed description of your problem. Always include on which platform (Linux, Windows, or OS X) you are currently using the ADALM1000 and Pixelpulse. If you are experiencing a problem please state the steps you have executed, the result you expected you would get and the result you actually got. By doing so you enable us to provide you precise and detailed answers in a timely manner.

Before asking questions please also take the time to check if somebody else already asked the same question and already got an answer. Please make sure you ask in these forums. EngineerZone is a big place, with lots of places to post questions, and it's possible to ask a question in the wrong place, where no one familiar with these boards/parts/software monitors things, and it will go unanswered forever. Don't get mad if this happens. The problem is between the chair and the keyboard (you). If you are posting in the right place, and the question is unanswered for a few working days, please bump the thread (we are human, and sometimes miss things).

Feel free to visit and ask questions at ADI's Virtual Classroom.

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