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The ADALM-BUCK-ARDZ board is a companion module for the Buck Basics lab exercise: Activity: Buck Converter Basics

This lab exercise can be done on a breadboard using parts from the ADALP2000 parts kit, but it is too involved to do in a hands-on seminar session or single-day workshop. The ADALM-BUCK-ARDZ module is designed to eliminate the assembly time associated with constructing the circuit on a breadboard, while keeping all of the measurements and experiments intact.

The Figure 1 shows the various connections, and along with the schematic below can be used as a guide as you work through the lab exercise.

Figure 1. ADALM-BUCK connections and jumpers

ADALM-BUCK-ARDZ Jumpers and Connections

The default jumper configurations for this board model are as follows:

Jumper Function Default Setting
P1 Power Supply SelectShunt installed across pins 2 & 3 (5V from Arduino)
P2 Inductor Tap #Shunt installed across pins 1 & 2 (6 taps/max inductance)
P3 Inductor Voltage Open (for M2K connection)
P5 DC coupling (remove for AC coupling)Shunt installed
P6 Output at pin 1, lower 2 pins are GND Open (for M2K connection)
P10 Arduino Analog input 0Solder Blobbed
P13 Override source Shunt installed across pins 1 & 2 (Arduino PWM)
P17 Enable Override Shunt NOT installed
P18 Switch Node at pin 1, lower 2 pins are GND Open (for M2K connection)
P19 10μF output capacitorShunt installed
P20 47μF output capacitorShunt installed
P24 Arduino PWM output 3Solder Blobbed
All Others Open / no shunt installed

Hardware Setup Procedure

Figure 2 shows the ADALM2000 connections for measuring the switch node voltage on Channel 1 and ripple current on Channel 2. The ADALM-BUCK is installed on an Arduino UNO clone with LT1054_voltage_mode_buck_DC_ctrl.ino sketch uploaded (refer to Buck Basics lab exercise for details.)

Figure 2. ADALM-BUCK - ADALM2000 connections

Schematic, PCB Layout, Bill of Materials

ADALM-BUCK-ARDZ Design & Integration Files

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