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ADALP2000 Product Description

The ADALP2000 Parts Kit contains a large selection of components perfect for creating a wide variety of useful circuits and devices. Featuring a variety pf components from Analog Devices, the kit includes transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, sensors, and variety of useful ICs including op-amps, converters, and regulators.

We are on Rev B of the ADALP2000 parts kit, and its BIGGER and more COMPREHENSIVE than ever. Below is a complete rundown of the components that can be found within the kit.

A complete list and description of components is listed below.

It is possible that some inductors included in the ADALP2000 parts kit may have sustained some cosmetic impairments during shipping and handling. These inductors are 100% functional, and while the cosmetic issues does not look nice, it does not affect the electrical performance, and all devices meet their datasheet specifications.

Note that the pinout of some of the breakout boards is mirrored. This was done to maintain a 300-mil row spacing, maximizing available breadboard connection points. Double-check all pinouts before building your circuit.

Kit Contents

Picture Part Number Description Link
AD22151 Magnetic Field Sensor ad22151
AD5626 12-Bit Digital to Analog Converter AD5626
AD7920 12-Bit Analog to Digital Converter AD7920
AD8210 Current Shunt Monitor AD8210
AD8226 Instrumentation Amplifier AD8226
AD8542 CMOS Rail to Rail Op Amp AD8542
ADP3300 3.3V, 50mA Linear Regulator(LDO) ADP3300
ADXL327 3-Axis Low-G Accelerometer ADXL327
LT3092 Programmable Current Source LT3092
LTC1541 Microppower Amp, Comparator, & Reference LTC1541
LTM8067 Isolated DC-DC Converter LTM8067
HPH1-0190 Hexa-Path Transformer Datasheet
HPH1-1400 Hexa-Path Transformer Datasheet
SJ-43515TS-SMT-TR TRRS Microphone In Datasheet
ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) Micro USB Connector
AD584 Programmable Voltage Reference AD584
AD592 Current Temperature Sensor AD592
AD654 Voltage to Frequency Converter AD654
AD22100 Voltage Temperature Sensor AD22100
AD8561 Comparator AD8561
LT3080 Adjustable 1.1A LDO LT3080
LTC1043 Precision Switch-CAP Block LTC1043
LTC1054 Switched-Capacitor Regulator LT1054
LTC1485 Differential Bus Transceiver LTC1485
OP27 Low Noise, Precision Op Amp OP27
OP37 Precision Op Amp OP37
OP97 Low Noise, Precision Op Amp OP97
OP482 High Speed JFET Op Amp OP482
OP484 Precision Rail to Rail Op Amp OP484
TMP01 Temperature Controller TMP01
SN74HC04N Hex Inverter Datasheet
SN74HC08N Quad AND Gate Datasheet
SN74HC32N Quad OR Gate Datasheet
SN74HC273N Octal Flip Flop Datasheet
Solderless Breadboard Solderless Breadboard
Jumper Wires Male to Male Jumper Wires
Screwdriver Flathead Screwdriver
HCM9765-P11-453 Microphone Datasheet
Speaker 8 Ω Speaker
B57164K103J 10 kΩ Thermistor 5mm lead coated disk Datasheet
SQP10AJB-6R2 6.2 Ω 10W Power Resistor Axial Cement Link Datasheet
* 3386C-1-502LF
* 3386C-1-103LF
* 3386C-1-503LF
* Single Turn 5 kΩ Potentiometer
* Single Turn 10 kΩ Potentiometer
* Single Turn 50 kΩ Potentiometer
2N3904 NPN General Purpose Transistor TO-92 Link Marking: 2N3904 Datasheet
2N3906 PNP General Purpose Transistor TO-92 Link Marking: 2N3906 Datasheet
IRF510 N-Channel MOSFET 100V TO-220 Link Marking: IRF510 Datasheet
TIP31CFS NPN Epitaxial Transistor TO-220 Link Marking: TIP31 Datasheet
TIP32CFS PNP Epitaxial Transisitor TO-220 Link Marking: TIP32 Datasheet
ZVN2110A N-Channel Enhancement FET TO-92 Link Marking: ZVN211 Datasheet
ZVN3310 N-Channel Enhancement Transistor TO-92 Link Marking: ZVN211 Datasheet
ZVP2110A P-Channel Enhancement FET TO-92 Link Marking: ZVP211 Datasheet
various LEDs (red, yellow, Green) T-1 3/4 Link
QED-123 Infrared LED T-1 3/4 Datasheet
QSD123 Infrared Photo Transistor T-1 Datasheet
1N3064 Small Signal Diode DO-35 Link Datasheet
1N4001 50V General Purpose Rectifier DO-204 Link Datasheet
1N4735 (or 1N4729) 6.2V (or 3.6V) Zener Diode DO-41 Link Datasheet
Note that the diodes can be difficult to identify. This circuit can be used to identify the Zener diode and determine whether it is the 3.6V or 6.2V model. Set V-/V+ to -5V/+5V (or use a benchtop supply set to 10V.) The Zener diode will read ~6.2 (or ~3.6V) from 1- to 1+, a silicon or Schottky diode will read 10V.
1N914 Small Signal Diode DO-35 Link Datasheet
OP999 Photodiode T-1¾ Datasheet
* RFB0807-1R0L
* RFB0807-100L
* RFB0807-101L
* RFB0807-102L
* RFB0807-103L
* 1uH Inductor 5mm radial Link
* 10uH Inductor 5mm radial Link
* 100uH Inductor 5mm radial Link
* 1mH Inductor 5mm radial Link
* 10m Inductor 5mm radial Link
* 1.1 Ω 1/8W axial Resistor
* 10 Ω 1/8W axial Resistor
* 47 Ω 1/8W axial Resistor
* 68 Ω 1/8W axial Resistor
* 100 Ω 1/8W axial Resistor
* 470 Ω 1/8W axial Resistor
* 1 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 1.5 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 2.2 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 4.7 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 6.8 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 10 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 20 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 47 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 68 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 100 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 200 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 470 kΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 1 MΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
* 5 MΩ 1/8W axial Resistor
Resistors Link (including color code) Axial Carbon Comp.
* 39pF Ceramic Capacitor Disc
* 100pF Ceramic Capacitor Disc
* 0.001 μF Ceramic Capacitor Disc
* 0.0047 μF Ceramic Capacitor Disc
* 0.01 μF Ceramic Capacitor Disc
* 0.047 μF Ceramic Capacitor Disc
* 0.1 μF Ceramic Capacitor Disc
* 1 μF Electrolytic Capacitor Can
* 4.7 μF Electrolytic Capacitor Can
* 10 μF Electrolytic Capacitor Can
* 22 μF Electrolytic Capacitor Can
* 47 μF Electrolytic Capacitor Can
* 220 μF Electrolytic Capacitor Can
* Link Marking: 39
* Link Marking: 101
* Link Marking: 102
* Link Marking: 472
* Link Marking: 103
* Link Marking: 473
* Link Marking: 104
* Link Marking: 1 μF
* Link Marking: 4.7 μF
* Link Marking: 10 μF
* Link Marking: 22 μF
* Link Marking: 47 μF
* Link Marking: 220 μF

Depreciated items:

  • SSM2220 PNP Matched Transistors BOB
  • SSM2212 NPN Matched Transistors BOB
  • ADMP504 MEMS Ultralow Noise Microphone BOB
  • 605-00004 Piezo Vibration Sensor
  • GT-0950RP3 Buzzer/Speaker 5mm radial
  • CD4007
  • PDV-P9203 5-20kΩ Photocell
  • QSC114 Infrared Transistor


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