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Power Based Lab Activity Material

The laboratory activities provided on this wiki are considered open source and available for free use in non-commercial educational and academic settings. The only requirement is that they continue to retain the attribution to Analog Devices Inc. Supplying them on the ADI wiki allows registered users to contribute to the materials posted here improving the content and keeping them up to date.

Lab Preparation

Circuit Simulation

Basic information and material on circuit simulation, including tool links and usage information.

Most of the labs are populated with LTspice resource files which contain the schematics of the circuits discussed at a specific topic. A zip file with all M1K-specific and M2K-specific LTspice files for all lab exercises can be downloaded here:

Course ADALM1000 (M1K) ADALM2000 (M2K)
All Labs M1K LTspice files M2K LTspice files

An LTspice file containing the ADALM2000 connections for the schematics can be found here: m2k_conn_ltspice.

Lab Hardware and Software

These labs can be performed using the ADALM2000 (M2K) Active Learning Module , or the ADALM1000 (M1K) entry level design instrumentation.

ADALM1000 (M1K) ADALM2000 (M2K)
PC Software ALICE Scopy

The labs are generally written to be performed using just the components provided in the Analog Parts Kit, ADALP2000, supplied through ADI and our authorized distribution channels, however additional devices are sometimes needed.

General Lab materials

Many of the power electronics labs require some additional equipment beyond the M1K, M2K, and parts kit.

General background Information.

Refer to Introduction to Electrical Engineering Based Lab Activity Material for general information on test equipment, breadboards, components, etc.

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