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Master Lab Activities and Exercise List

This is currently the master list of all the labs we have. The goal here is to use this master list and bring over the labs you desire for the course you need.

Please remember to ADD any new labs you may have created to keep this list as current as possible

Comprehensive List

Course Function ADALM1000 (M1K) ADALM2000 (M2K)
Electronics IAmplifiersBasic OP Amp Configurations
Op-Amp Open-Loop Gain
Op-Amp Gain Bandwidth Product
Simple Op Amps
Op Amp as Comparator
Op Amp Settling Time
Measuring Loop Gain
Differential pair triangle to sine converter
Electronics IPN JunctionThe voltage dependent capacitance of the PN junctionVoltage dependent capacitance of the PN junction
Electronics IDiodesPN Diode I/V curves
Zener Diode I/V curves
Diode Rectifiers
Precision Rectifiers, Absolute value circuits
BJT as a diode
MOS as a diode
PN Diode I/V curves
Zener diode regulator
BJT as a diode
MOS as a diode
Differential Temperature Sensor using Diodes
Electronics IBipolar Junction Transistors (BJT)BJT Device I/V curves
BJT as a switch
Common Emitter Amplifier
Frequency Response of CE amplifier
Common Base Amplifier
Folded Cascode Amplifier
BJT Current Mirror
BJT Zero Gain Amplifier
BJT Stabilized current source
BJT Emitter Follower
Phase Splitter Amplifier
BJT Differential Pair
Multi Stage Amplifier
Making a full Amplifier from circuit blocks
Output Stages
BJT Device I/V curves
Common emitter amplifier
Amplifier Frequency Response
CE amplifier loop gain
BJT Current Mirror
BJT Zero gain amplifier
BJT Stabilized current source
Floating (two terminal) Current Source / Sink
BJT Emitter follower
BJT Differential Pair
Transresistance input stage
Making a full Amplifier from circuit blocks
Output Stages
Electronics IMetal Oxide Transistors (MOS)MOS Device I/V curves
MOS as a switch
Common Source Amplifier
Common Gate Amplifier
MOS Current Mirror
MOS Zero Gain Amplifier
MOS Stabilized current source
MOS Source Follower
MOS Differential Pair
MOS Device I/V curves
Common source amplifier
MOS Current Mirror
MOS Zero gain amplifier
MOS Stabilized current source
MOS source follower
MOS Differential Pair
Electronics IICMOSCMOS Amplifier
Two stage CMOS OTA
CMOS Analog Switches
CMOS Amplifier (with chopping / auto zero)
CMOS Analog Switches
Electronics IIPulse Width Modulation (PWM)Pulse Width Modulator
Electronics IITriggeringAdjustable External Triggering Circuit
Electronics IIVoltage ReferenceRegulated Voltage Reference
Shunt Voltage Regulator
Regulated Voltage Reference
Shunt voltage regulator
Electronics IIDigital to Analog ConvertersDigital to Analog
Electronics IIAnalog to Digital ConvertersAnalog to Digital
Delta – Sigma Modulator
Electronics IIOscillatorsCMOS LC Oscillator
Light Controlled RC Oscillator
Voltage Controlled RC Oscillator
CMOS LC Oscillator
Light Controlled RC Oscillator
Electronics IIRectifiersSilicon Controlled Rectifiers
Active Rectifiers
Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
Active Rectifiers
Electronics IIOptocouplersOptocouplers (analog isolation amplifier)Optocouplers (analog isolation amplifier)
Electronics IISensor CircuitsLED as light sensor
Photo Voltaic Solar Cells
Electret microphone preamplifier
Heart Rate Monitor Circuit
LED as light sensor
Characteristics of Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Negative voltage reference from positive reference
Measuring a Loudspeaker Impedance Profile
Heartbeat Measurement Circuit
Temperature Control using Window Comparator
Power ElectronicsPower BasicsEfficiency, Power Loss, and Thermal ManagementEfficiency, Power Loss, and Thermal Management
Power ElectronicsSwitched Capacitor DesignSwitched Capacitor circuits
Switched Capacitor Power Supplies
Power ElectronicsDC-DC ConvertersDC-DC Converters I (inductors)
DC-DC Converters II (capacitors)
Simple "Joule Thief" DC/DC Converter
DC-DC Converters I (inductors)
DC-DC Converters II (capacitors)
Power ElectronicsRegulatorsLow Drop out Linear Voltage Regulators
Power ElectronicsBuck & Boost ConvertersDC-DC Boost ConvertersBuck Converter Basics
Digital ElectronicsTTL LogicTTL inverter and NAND gateTTL inverter and NAND gate
Digital ElectronicsCMOS LogicBuild CMOS Logic Functions Using CD4007 Array
CMOS Logic Circuits, Transmission Gate XOR
CMOS Logic Circuits, D Type Latch
Build CMOS Logic Functions Using CD4007 Array
CMOS Logic Circuits, Transmission Gate XOR
CMOS Logic Circuits, D Type Latch
Digital ElectronicsVoltage ShiftingLogic Voltage Level ShiftingLogic Voltage Level Shifting
Digital ElectronicsMultivibratorsNPN
Digital ElectronicsRing OscillatorsCMOS Ring Oscillator
CMOS Ring Oscillator Frequency Multiplier
CommunicationsTransformersTransformersInductor Self Resonance
CommunicationsTuned AmplifiersTuned Amplifiers,part I
Tuned Amplifiers,part II
Transformer Coupled Amplifier
CommunicationsFiltersActive Filters
Polyphase Filters
CommunicationsDetectorsAM modulation and Envelop DetectorsEnvelope Detectors
FM Detectors
CommunicationsVariable AmplifiersVariable Gain Amplifiers
CommunicationsFrequency SynthesizersHartley oscillatorHartley oscillator
Colpitts oscillator
Clapp oscillator
Peltz Oscillator
CommunicationsModulationPulse Width ModulationPulse Width Modulation
Diode Ring Modulators
CommunicationsPulsed OscillatorsPulsed Oscillators
CommunicationsPhase Locked LoopPhase locked loops
CommunicationsMixersActive Mixers
CommunicationsGeneratorsPseudo-Random Sequence Generators

Power Electronics Lab Activities and Exercises

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