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Power Electronics

The objective of this course material is to give Electrical Engineering students early in their academic career an understanding of the fundamentals of power electronics, and of the critical role that power electronics plays in all electronic and electromechanical systems. Power Electronics is becoming increasingly important in many disciplines:

  • Portable electronics are expected to charge in minutes, wirelessly, and last for days
  • Electric vehicle ranges are increasing, placing new needs on batteries and power conversion and motor control circuitry
  • Data centers' thirst for power is insatiable, requiring new and novel power delivery architectures to feed kilowatts of power to delicate processors, often at less than one volt and at thousands of amps.

But despite its important role, power is often not the first thing that comes to mind when considering these applications. The course material and associated lab exercises aim to give students a theoretical (but practical ) understanding of DC-DC converters (Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost) Flyback converters, Sepic converters, AC-DC conversion, transformers, switched-capacitor circuits, and more.

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Table of Contents:

Course Session Title
Power Electronics Chapter:1 Diode rectifiers and voltage regulators
Power Electronics Chapter:2 Diode application Topics
Power Electronics Chapter:3
Chapter:3 (supplement)
Transistor basic concepts
Choosing Discrete Transistors
Power Electronics Chapter:4 Voltage References
Power Electronics Chapter:5 MOSFET Applications
Power Electronics Supplemental Basic Linear Design: Power Management

Online Texts:
Practical Design Techniques for Power and Thermal Management, 1998
Practical Power Solutions, 2009.

Power Lab Exercises

Other Resources

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