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Introduction to Digital Circuits

The overall goal of this introductory level course is to help Electrical and Computer Engineering students early in their academic career build a broad analysis skill set that enable engineered solutions addressing a broad array of societal needs. An experiment-centric development of the basic analysis tools emphasizing the concepts and mathematics of analog and digital circuits and electronics, programming, data generation and analysis, and system model development using paper and pencil analysis, simulation, and experiment. Problems, applications, and projects are chosen to lay a solid foundation for later core ECE courses.

The textbooks and teaching materials provided on this wiki are considered open source and available for free use in non-commercial educational and academic settings. The only requirement is that they continue to retain the attribution to Analog Devices Inc. Supplying them on the ADI wiki allows registered users to contribute to the materials posted here improving the content and keeping them up to date.

Table of Contents:

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