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 output tolerances as low as 0.4%, with TCs as low as 10 ppm/°C. output tolerances as low as 0.4%, with TCs as low as 10 ppm/°C.
-**Bandgap reference [[university:​courses:​electronics:​electronics-lab-9|Lab Activity]]**\\ +**ADALM1000 Lab Activity 9, [[university:​courses:​alm1k:​alm-lab-9|Bandgap reference]]**\\ 
-**Shunt Bbandgap reference ​[[university:​courses:​electronics:​electronics-lab-10|Lab Activity]]**+**ADALM1000 Lab Activity 10, [[university:​courses:​alm1k:​alm-lab-10|Shunt Bandgap reference]]** 
 +**ADALM2000 Lab Activity 9, [[university:​courses:​electronics:​electronics-lab-9|Bandgap reference]]**\\ 
 +**ADALM2000 Lab Activity 10, [[university:​courses:​electronics:​electronics-lab-10|Shunt Bandgap reference]]**
 =====14.4 Buried (sub-surface) Zener References===== =====14.4 Buried (sub-surface) Zener References=====
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