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-======Activity: An Ohm's Law Experiment======+======Activity: An Ohm's Law Experiment - ADALM2000======
 =====Objective:===== =====Objective:=====
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 <WRAP round download> <WRAP round download>
 **Lab Resources:** **Lab Resources:**
-  * Fritzing files: [[|ohm_law_bb]] +  * Fritzing files: [[downgit>education_tools/tree/master/m2k/fritzing/ohm_law_bb|ohm_law_bb]] 
-  * LTSpice files: [[|ohm_law_ltspice]]+  * LTSpice files: [[downgit>education_tools/tree/master/m2k/ltspice/ohm_law_ltspice|ohm_law_ltspice]]
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 **Return to Lab Activity [[university:courses:electronics:labs|Table of Contents]]** **Return to Lab Activity [[university:courses:electronics:labs|Table of Contents]]**
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