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   * Pin7 - DIO1   * Pin7 - DIO1
   * Pin8 - DIO0   * Pin8 - DIO0
 +**EVAL-ADICUP3029 UART switch configuration:​**
 +Set S2 to the CENTER position.
 +(S2 selects which device to connect the ADuCM3029'​s UART to - USB-UART interface, Arduino headers, or WiFi module connector.)
 +===== Software Configuration ====
 +There are several options for which software to use for this demonstration;​ the main requirement is that it implement some sort of command-line interface that echoes characters back as they are typed. The CLI example project for the EVAL-ADICUP3029 can be used:
 +[[https://​​analogdevicesinc/​EVAL-ADICUP3029/​tree/​master/​projects/​ADuCM3029_demo_cli|CLI example for ADICUP3029]]
 ===== Scopy Pattern Generator Configuration ==== ===== Scopy Pattern Generator Configuration ====
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