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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-====Further Reading====+=====Further Reading=====
  Using .meas and .step commands to calculate efficiency in LTspice: [[https://​​en/​technical-articles/​ltspice-using-meas-and-step-commands-to-calculate-efficiency.html]]  Using .meas and .step commands to calculate efficiency in LTspice: [[https://​​en/​technical-articles/​ltspice-using-meas-and-step-commands-to-calculate-efficiency.html]]
 +===== Slide Deck =====
 +A slide deck is provided as a companion to this exercise, and can be used to help in presenting this material in classroom, lab setting, or in hands-on workshops.
 +<WRAP round download>​
 +{{ :​university:​courses:​electronics:​efficiency:​workshop_efficiency_power_loss.pptx |Efficiency and Power Loss Slide Deck}}
 **Return to Lab Activity [[university:​courses:​electronics:​labs|Table of Contents]]** **Return to Lab Activity [[university:​courses:​electronics:​labs|Table of Contents]]**
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