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-======Activity: Precision Rectifiers, Absolute value circuits======+======Activity: Precision Rectifiers, Absolute value circuits, For ADALM1000======
 =====Objective:===== =====Objective:=====
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 **For Further Reading:** **For Further Reading:**
-[[|Half Wave Rectifier]]\\ +[[adi>media/en/training-seminars/tutorials/MT-212.pdf|Half Wave Rectifier]]\\ 
-[[|Full Wave Rectifier]]+[[adi>media/en/training-seminars/tutorials/MT-211.pdf|Full Wave Rectifier]]
 **Return to the ALM Lab Activity [[university:courses:alm1k:alm_circuits_lab_outline|Table of Contents]]** **Return to the ALM Lab Activity [[university:courses:alm1k:alm_circuits_lab_outline|Table of Contents]]**
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