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 [[adi>en/analog-dialogue/raqs/raq-issue-82.html|Transformers: They’re Not All Boat Anchors]]\\ [[adi>en/analog-dialogue/raqs/raq-issue-82.html|Transformers: They’re Not All Boat Anchors]]\\
 [[wp>Electromagnetic_coil|Electromagnetic coil]]\\ [[wp>Electromagnetic_coil|Electromagnetic coil]]\\
-[[|Signal Transformer Application and Specification]]+[[|Signal Transformer Application and Specification]]\\ 
 +[[|Simulating Non-linear Transformers in LTspice]]
 **Return to Lab Activity [[university:courses:alm1k:alm_circuits_lab_outline|Table of Contents]].** **Return to Lab Activity [[university:courses:alm1k:alm_circuits_lab_outline|Table of Contents]].**
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