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 **For Further Reading:** **For Further Reading:**
-[1] Build [[university:​courses:​alm1ks:​alm-lab-28|CMOS Logic Functions Using CD4007 Array]]\\ +[1] Build [[university:​courses:​alm1k:​alm-lab-28|CMOS Logic Functions Using CD4007 Array]]\\ 
-Exclusive OR logic gate: http://​​wiki/​XOR_gate\\ +[[wp>​XOR_gate|Exclusive OR logic gate]]\\ 
-Exclusive NOR logic gate: http://​​wiki/​XNOR_gate\\ +[[wp>​XNOR_gate|Exclusive NOR logic gate]]\\ 
-Phase detector: http://​​wiki/​Phase_detector+[[wp>​Phase_detector|Phase detector]]
 **Return to ALM Lab Activity [[university:​courses:​alm1k:​alm-labs-list|Table of Contents]].** **Return to ALM Lab Activity [[university:​courses:​alm1k:​alm-labs-list|Table of Contents]].**
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