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-======Activity ​16: Capacitor Based DC-DC Converters======+======Activity:​ Capacitor Based DC-DC Converters======
 =====Objective:​===== =====Objective:​=====
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 **For further reading:** **For further reading:**
 +[[adi>​en/​analog-dialogue/​articles/​the-interleaved-inverting-charge-pump-part-1.html|The Interleaved Inverting Charge Pump—Part 1: A New Topology for Low Noise Negative Voltage Supplies]]\\
 http://​​wiki/​DC-to-DC_converter\\ http://​​wiki/​DC-to-DC_converter\\
 http://​​wiki/​Charge_pump\\ http://​​wiki/​Charge_pump\\
-http://​​static/​imported-files/​data_sheets/​ADM660_8660.pdf+[[adi>static/​imported-files/​data_sheets/​ADM660_8660.pdf|ADM660,​8660 Data Sheet]]
 ====Appendix:​==== ====Appendix:​====
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