Submitting a Design project

To submit an idea for a project, it should have:

  1. the ADI part(s) that the design will be based around
  2. a short abstract of what you want to do

Here is a sample submission showing the information required for entry.

To enter and participate, follow these steps:

  1. create an account on the wiki, and login. See the main page.
  2. edit the Team List page, adding your team to the list.
  3. click on your Team Name. You will be directed to a non existing page, associated with your team.
  4. click CREATE THIS PAGE.
  5. edit the page. Type in text, upload files and/or images.
  6. after uploading a file or image, click the file name, to link it to your page.
  7. save the page.
  8. If you need hardware, and your idea is a good one, ADI will send you the ADI parts, or Eval boards to use in your design
  9. Complete the design (on your wiki page)
  10. Complete the video (on youtube, adding the link into the wiki page)
  11. Get judged, and if you are selected (three top teams), have one of your team members fly to Boston, to present at ADI's General technology conference (GTC) - in front of ADI's most senior design and application engineers from around the world.
  12. Impress us.
  13. Win!

For contest deadlines, see the main page.

For full contest rules, see the official_rules.

If you have questions, you can check out the virtual classroom

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