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-====== ​Welcome to the Analog Devices Wiki ======+====== Analog Devices Wiki ====== 
-Since [[wp>​Pliny the Elder]] wrote the [[wp>​Naturalis Historia]] in the 1st century ADpeople have been collecting ​and sharing information ​for the benefit of othersThe modern advent of the on-line [[wp>​wiki]] in 1995 continues this 2000 year effort in ensuring that people can benefit from others knowledge ​and understanding by making this content widely avalible.+This wiki provides developers using Analog Devices products with software and documentation,​ including HDL interface code, software drivers, and reference project examples ​for FPGA connectivity It also contains user guides for some Analog Devices evaluation boards to help developers get up and running fast.
-The Analog Devices, Inc. Wiki uses wiki technology to improve knowledge and experience sharing with our customers and partners, providing easy guides and tips to use Analog ​Devices components. While you are free to browse, download, and read the content on this site without logging in, in order to contribute or edit existing documents, you'll need to [[start?do=login|login]]. This will allow you to add/share your information in the wiki with others. ​+University students can find lab exercises built around the use of the Analog ​Discovery boards provided by [[http://​​Products/​Catalog.cfm?NavPath=2,​842&​Cat=17|Digilent]].  
-New to the Wiki?  The best place to start is the wiki [[:​wiki:​introduction|intro/​help]] section.+To find content on the Wiki, search for keywords or browse one of the categories below.
-Currently Analog Devices has thousands of components, and not all have content on the wiki. The authoritative place for all product information is on [[adi>​|]]. You can also engage with Analog Devices Engineers on the [[http://​|EngineerZone]].+===== Browse ​the Wiki =====
-There are many ways to find wiki content: +=== Resources and Tools ===
-  - search (search box at the top of the page) +
-  - sidebar (navigation on left side of page) +
-  - sitemap (top button beside search)+
 +  * [[resources/​eval|Evaluation Board & Kit Documentation and User Guides]]
 +  * [[resources/​fpga|FPGA Reference Designs]]
 +  * [[resources/​tools-software/​linux-drivers-all|Linux Software Drivers]]
 +  * [[resources/​tools-software/​uc-drivers-all|Microcontroller Software Drivers]]
 +  * [[resources/​tools-software/​sigmastudio|SigmaStudio and SigmaDSP Documentation]]
 +=== University Program ===
 +  * [[university/​courses/​electronics/​labs|Student Lab Exercises (Activity Material Outline Electronics I and II)]]
 +  * [[university/​contest|University Contest]]
 +[[recent-updates|View Recent Updates]]
 +===== Help make the Wiki Better=====
 +We welcome user contributions to this wiki.  To contribute, just [[this>​start?​do=login&​sectok=137703aab4ae2af40b719b88eb5f214d|register/​login]] and click edit on any of the pages. ​ There is an extensive [[wiki/​help|help section]] for those new to the wiki.
 +Technical discussions about ADI products or content found on this Wiki can be found in the [[ez>​|EngineerZone Support Community]].
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