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ADXL1001/ADXL1002/ADXL1004 and ADAQ7980 Speaker Demo


The ADXL100X and ADAQ7980 Speaker Demo utilizes the key features of high bandwidth, MEMS vibration sensing acceleromters and the high precision, ADC based, μModule Data Acquisition System to demonstrate an effective condition based monitoring system. Fault profiles, or arbitrary audio files, can be played through the speaker to enact vibrations on the sensor, which then transfers the data to the μModule Data Acquisition System linked to the System Demonstration Platform. An executable, configurable software program displays several signal features, including the waveform, data occurrence histogram, and FFT plot, all in real time.



ADXL100x Low Noise, High Frequency, MEMS Accelerometers

ADAQ7980 16-bit, 1 MSPS, μModule Data Acquisition System

Evaluation Boards

Demo Contents

  • (2) EVAL-ADXL100X Boards
  • EVAL-ADAQ7980 Board
  • SDP-B Board
  • 3“ Speaker with Audio Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Power Supply, +7.5V/-2.5V
  • Speaker to Sensor Fixture
  • Short/Long Connectors
  • Plastic Mounting Base
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