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This section presents the steps for developing a software application that will run on the Renesas Demo Kit for RL78G13 for controlling and monitoring the operation of the ADI part.

Two software applications have to be used: Applilet3 for RL78G13 (a tool that automatically generates device drivers for MCU peripheral functions) and IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RL78 (the integrated development environment).

Step 1 - Applilet3 for RL78G13

  • Run the Applilet3 for RL78G13 tool and create a new project for R5F100LE processor. Select IAR Compiler build tool, a project name, a location for the new project and press OK.

  • Keep the default Pin assignment setting and click Fix settings.

  • Now the desired peripherals can be configured and the code can be generated. For example, if the clocked serial interface 10 (CSI10) has to be configured, select the Serial peripheral, choose for the Channel 2 of Serial Array Unit 0 (SAU0) the CSI10 interface, Transmit/receive function option and then go to CSI10 tab.

  • To configure the CSI10 interface for serial transmissions of 8 bits, with MSB first, with the data captured on clock's rising edge, with a frequency of the clock of 1 MHz and the idle state high, the settings from the following image have to be made.

  • After all the desired peripherals are configured click on the Generate Code button and a new workspace and a new project for the IAR Embedded Workbench will be generated. After the code was generated close the Applilet3 for RL78G13 tool.

Step 2 - IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RL78

  • Run the IAR Embedded Workbench and open the workspace created with the Applilet3 tool.

  • Copy the files extracted from the zip file into the user_src folder, located in the project’s folder.

  • The new source files have to be included into the project. Add in the user_src group the files from the corresponding folder (Right click on the group and select Add – Add Files…). Because a new Main file was included the r_main.c file from the applilet_src group has to be deleted (Right click on the file and select Remove).

  • Now the debugger driver has to be selected from the project’s options. Right click on the project name and select Options. From the Debugger category choose the TK Debugger Driver.

  • Now, the project is ready to be compiled and downloaded on the board. Press the F7 key to compile it. Press CTRL + D to download and debug the project.

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