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This section presents the steps for developing a software application that will run on the Digilent Cerebot MX3cK development board for controlling and monitoring the operation of the ADI part.

  • Run the MPLAB X integrated development environment.
  • Choose to create a new project.
  • In the Choose Project window select Microchip Embedded category, Standalone Project and press Next.

  • In the Select Device window choose PIC32MX320F128H device and press Next.

  • In the Select Tool window select the desired hardware tool and press Next.

  • In the Select Compiler window chose the XC32 compiler and press Next.

  • In the Select Project Name and Folder window choose a name and a location for the project.

  • After the project is created, the source files have to be copied in the project folder and included in the project.

  • The project is ready to be built and downloaded on the development board.

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