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AXI ADC No-OS Driver


The AXI ADC HDL driver is the driver for Generic AXI ADC IP core which is used on various FPGA designs. The driver is implemented as an Linux IIO driver. It's register map can be found here: Base register map (common to all cores)

Initialization example

struct axi_adc_init rx_adc_init = {
	.name = "rx_adc",
	.num_channels = 2,
struct axi_adc *rx_adc;
/* Initialize the ADC core */
status = axi_adc_init(&rx_adc, &rx_adc_init);
if (status != 0) {
	printf("axi_adc_init() error: %"PRIi32"\n", status);
	return status;

Code Documentation

Source code documentation for the driver is automatically generated using the Doxygen tool and it is available at:

Source Code

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