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AD5770R - No-OS Driver

Supported Devices


The AD5770R is a 6-channel, 14-bit resolution, low noise, programmable current output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for photonics control applications. This chip incorporates a 1.25 V on-chip voltage reference, a 2.5 kΩ precision resistor for reference current generation, die temperature, output monitoring functions, fault alarm, and reset functions.

The AD5770R contains five 14-bit resolution current sourcing DAC channels and one 14-bit resolution current sourcing/ sinking DAC channel.

Channel 0 can be configured to sink up to 60 mA and source up to 300 mA. Channel 1 to Channel 5 have multiple, programmable output current sourcing ranges, set by register access. Each DAC can operate with a wide power supply rail from 0.8 V to AVDD − 0.4 V for optimizing power efficiency and thermal power dissipation.

The AD5770R operates from 2.9 V to 5.5 V AVDD supply and specified over a temperature range of −40°C to +105°C.


  • Photonics control
  • LED Driver programmable current source

Driver Description

Functions Declarations

Function Description
int32_t ad5770r_spi_reg_read(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, uint8_t reg_addr, uint8_t *reg_data);
Read from device.
int32_t ad5770r_spi_reg_read_multiple(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, uint8_t reg_addr, uint8_t *reg_data, uint16_t count);
Multibyte read from device.
int32_t ad5770r_spi_reg_write(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, uint8_t reg_addr, uint8_t reg_data);
Write to device.
int32_t ad5770r_spi_reg_write_multiple(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, uint8_t reg_addr, uint8_t *reg_data, uint16_t count);
Multibyte write from device.
int32_t ad5770r_spi_write_mask(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, uint8_t reg_addr, uint32_t mask, uint8_t data);
SPI write to device using a mask.
int32_t ad5770r_set_device_spi(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, const struct ad5770r_device_spi_settings *spi_settings);
Set device spi settings.
int32_t ad5770r_channel_config(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, const struct ad5770r_channel_switches *channel_config);
Set the channel configuration.
int32_t ad5770r_set_output_mode(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, const struct ad5770r_output_range *output_mode, enum ad5770r_channels channel);
Set the channel configuration.
int32_t ad5770r_set_reference(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, bool external_reference, enum ad5770r_reference_voltage reference_selector);
Set reference configuration.
int32_t ad5770r_set_alarm(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, const struct ad5770r_alarm_cfg *const alarm_config);
Set reference configuration.
int32_t ad5770r_set_output_filter(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, enum ad5770r_output_filter_resistor output_filter, enum ad5770r_channels channel);
Set the channel output filter resistor.
int32_t ad5770r_set_hw_ladc(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, const struct ad5770r_channel_switches *mask_hw_ldac);
Set the hardware ldac configuration.
int32_t ad5770r_set_dac_value(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, uint16_t dac_value, enum ad5770r_channels channel);
Set dac value.
int32_t ad5770r_set_dac_input(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, uint16_t dac_input, enum ad5770r_channels channel);
Set dac value.
int32_t ad5770r_set_page_mask(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, const struct ad5770r_dac_page_mask *page_mask);
Set page mask for dac value and input.
int32_t ad5770r_set_mask_channel(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, const struct ad5770r_channel_switches *mask_channel_sel);
Set channel select.
int32_t ad5770r_set_sw_ldac(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, const struct ad5770r_channel_switches *sw_ldac);
Set software LDAC.
int32_t ad5770r_set_channel_en(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, const struct ad5770r_channel_switches *channel_enable);
Set the enabled channels.
int32_t ad5770r_get_status(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, uint8_t *status);
Get status value.
int32_t ad5770r_set_monitor_setup(struct ad5770r_dev *dev, const struct ad5770r_monitor_setup *mon_setup);
Set the channel monitor configuration.
int32_t ad5770r_init(struct ad5770r_dev **device, const struct ad5770r_init_param *init_param);
Initialize the device.

Types Declarations

enum ad5770r_output_filter_resistor {
enum ad5770r_monitor_function {
	AD5770R_DISABLE = 0,
enum ad5770r_channels {
	AD5770R_CH0 = 0,
enum ad5770r_reference_voltage {
	AD5770R_EXT_REF_2_5_V = 0,
struct ad5770r_monitor_setup {
	enum ad5770r_monitor_function		monitor_function;
	bool 					mux_buffer;
	bool					ib_ext_en;
	enum ad5770r_channels			monitor_channel;
struct ad5770r_dac_page_mask {
	uint16_t 		dac_data_page_mask;
	uint16_t		input_page_mask;
struct ad5770r_output_range {
	uint8_t		output_scale;
	uint8_t		output_range_mode;
struct ad5770r_device_spi_settings {
	bool			addr_ascension;
	bool			single_instruction; // for multibyte read/write
	uint8_t		stream_mode_length;
struct ad5770r_channel_switches {
	bool en0, en1, en2, en3, en4, en5, sink0;
struct ad5770r_alarm_cfg {
	bool open_drain_en;
	bool thermal_shutdown_en;
	bool background_crc_en;
	bool temp_warning_msk;
	bool over_temp_msk;
	bool neg_ch0_msk;
	bool iref_fault_msk;
	bool background_crc_msk;


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