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Tuning Presets

Presets available on the top toolbar

Presets play an important role during tuning of schematics. In Sigma Studio+ up-to four different presets can be saved. Preset refers to the data regarding the settings of all the modules that are currently present on the schematic. During tuning, if the user wants to experiment among a group of settings, in such cases presets are helpful. The different settings are saved as presets and while tuning just by clicking the desired preset, the user will be able to switch to that particular settings mode.

In sigma studio there are options to import and export presets. If the user wants to save the particular settings of a schematic, then the settings can be assigned to one of the presets and from the top menu, Action → Export Preset can be chosen. This will open a file dialog and the user can save the preset into a file. The saved presets can be loaded onto a different schematic. This can be done by importing the saved presets (Action → Import Preset). Upon importing the settings which were saved will get applied onto the modules. The images below show the export and import preset options present in the top menu.

Action menu item contains options for exporting and importing presets

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