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 =====Get Elements Inside Canvas===== =====Get Elements Inside Canvas=====
-This action allows the user to update a specific property of a given plugin. Return type is a success/failure message in the form of list of strings. The function call takes in 1 argument.+This action allows the user to get the list of sub shapes inside the given parent shape. The function call takes in 1 argument. Returns the available sub shape's Uid in the form of list of strings.
 \\ \\
 ===API=== ===API===
 <code> <code>
-list<string> GetElementsInsideCanvas(1: string parentUid)</code>+list<string> GetElementsInsideCanvas( string parentUid)</code>
 \\ \\
 ===Arguments==== ===Arguments====
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 \\ \\
 ===Result=== ===Result===
-“<List of all the sub-elements present under a given element>.\\+Returns the list of all the sub-shape's uid present under a given parent shape in the current project.\\
 \\ \\
-===Error==== +
-Error message sent out by the server application.+
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