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 =====Add Shape===== =====Add Shape=====
-This action allows the user to add a given element or plugin onto the canvas or schematic page specified. Return type is a success/failure message in the form of list of strings. The function call takes in 3 arguments. +This action allows the user to add a shape or plugin onto the canvas or schematic page specified.The function call takes in 3 arguments. This API returns the SSPResult type.  
 \\ \\
 ===API=== ===API===
 <code> <code>
-list<string> AddShape(1: string parentUid, 2: string shapeFullName, 3: Position newPosition)              +SSPResult AddShape(string parentUid, string shapeFullName, Position newPosition)              
 </code> </code>
 \\ \\
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 \\ \\
 ===Result=== ===Result===
-“Successfully added the element: <pluginUid>.\\ +SSPResult contains 'IsSuccess' flag and 'Message' information of the AddShape action
-Alsowhen adding a plugin which has predefined sub elements, the Uids of those are also displayed+  -IsSuccess is 'True' if the add shape was successfulelse 'False'
- +  -Message contains the Success/Failure information in the form of list of string.
-\\ +
-\\ +
-===Error==== +
-1. The given information is incomplete – when the arguments are not conveying the required information +
 \\ \\
-2. Failed to add element 
 \\ \\
-3. Default: Displays the error msg as obtained by the Server application. 
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